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Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

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Warning: Before purchasing and installing your springs or other parts  make sure you use the proper tools and follow directions carefully.

Note: These directions are geared for 2 spring setups if you have a single spring than the procedure is slightly different. Instead of tightening springs, first you must set the cables on the drums. (because in a double spring set-up one spring retains tension on cables) With one spring you will use a set of vice grips on the torsion tube.

  1. With torsion system assembled (but not tensioned) set the left hand cable on the drum and withone hand holding drum (and cable tension, tighten the square nuts. Once srews are tight (3.5 half turns) lock vice grips on tube such that it is resting handle side on top of the torsion tube against the header.

Tools needed for overhead garage door torsion spring replacement:

  1. Winding bars or sometimes referred to as torsion bars
  2. 7/16" or 3/8" open end or combination wrench
  3. 9/16" open end or combination wrench
  4. maybe a hammer

Step 1 A Simple torsion spring change begins with removing old springs. You should have either one or two springs on your system and the garage door should be closed. If you have a two spring system the chances are that one of your torsion springs still has tension built up in it. "do not loosen any screws until tension has successfully been released from the system". Insert winding bar into the spring that still is under tension, wind the system in the upwards tightening direction approximately 1/4 turn until you can insert the second winding bar (the purpose of this is to safely lock winding bar against the door.) Note: always insert the winding bar fully.

tightening garage door springs

garage door spring repair

when torsion system is firmly locked against the door you can then loosen the two 3/8" square nuts that are on the winding cone. Next slowly walk  the spring in the downward direction utilizing the winding bars until the spring tension is completely removed. Once all tension is removed from the system you can safely loosen the 9/16" nuts on the center bearing support bracket. next loosen the 3/8" square nuts on both drums (just loosen until drum spins on torsion tube, do not remove them). Loosen the remaining square nuts on the other spring. (if the spring is broken in the middle than it obviously will not be under tension so it wont be necessary to use the winding bars on it.) Ok at this point you can slide the torsion tube out of the end bearing plate and rest it on the j-arm (connector between door and motor). The drums and springs can now be slid off of one side. If you have a center bearing bracket that does not have an opening then you will just have to slide the parts off one side at a time. none the less is almost never necessary to remove the end bearing plate. note: if it is tough to slide the springs try to hit them with  a hammer.

Step 2: Now carefully looking at the diagram above slide the new parts on the tube and insert the tube into the end bearing plate... note: the rule is "red is never right" so from the inside of your garage looking a at your torsion system you can determine right from left. At this point you should have a setup that looks like the above diagram. insert the 9/16" bolts and secure them with the corresponding nuts. You are now ready for applying torque to the system.

Step 3 Choose which spring you would like to tighten first it does not matter either way. Insert your winding bar and start winding upwards in quarter turn increments. The rule is "one full turn per each foot of garage door height" plus 1/2 turn for cable other words a seven-foot-high garage door would have seven winds on the spring... note: one full turn is equal to four quarter turns... With galvanized springs it is a good idea to put an extra half turn on each spring to achieve the best balance..

 Garage Door spring repair continued..

Important: after tensioning one spring lock it against the door with the one winding bar inserted into the cone... Then tighten the square set screws first by hand  until they hit the tube, then with the 3/8" wrench two-and-a-half-turns so its snug not to tight to where it crushes the tube.

now your set screws are tight and there is built up tension on one spring. Now you can insert the cables into the drums; spin the drum so that the cable winds up on the drum the left drum wraps counter clockwise, and the right clockwise. Hold the drum such that tension is on the cable while simultaneously tightening set screws the same as before. At this point with both cables on the drums you should now be able to remove the winding bar thereby distributing the torque of the tightened spring onto the cables. note: some people use vice grips but and tighten the drums first but it is not necessary with this easier more efficient method.

at this point you can wind your second spring using the winding method above and tighten the set screws on it. your door should now be balanced.

After the job is complete always check that the door travels smoothly and balanced by hand before attempting to use the motor.. this will help you prevent damaging the motor as you will see if there are any noises or if the door is hitting anything on the way up.

garage door spring repair

Garage Door Spring Repair


Q: I meticulously followed your plan for installing garage door torsion springs yet my door does not seem weightless and balanced.

A: a garage door that is to heavy or too light is a result of wrong spring size or to much or to little tightening of spring...

Q: my garage door is making a rubbing noise as i try to lift it or put it down by hand.

A: Check that end bearings are intact and that all moving parts are lubricated. Drums should not have any space between them and end bearing plate otherwise cables will contact door during travel.

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