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Garage Door extension spring repair

Warning: 1 piece door can exceed 350 pounds so be sure to get the help of a friend and be careful.


step 1: Prop one piece garage door open with a friend on a 2x4 nailed into the center of the door. once door is secure it is best to change the broken spring first. Do this by simply removing the retaining clips and taking spring(s) off the two hooks shaped like a c on single spring systems or like a w in 2 spring systems.

Step 2: Get new spring(s) and insert the bottom w or c hook. Using your legs not your back or arms insert the top hook into the extension springs.

Step3: after you have completed one side repeat with the other side making sure that the garage door is still secured and in the open position.


Notes: (see diagram below while reading these notes)

if you have the old type of extension springs with the screw holding them together just convert it by purchasing a hardware kit. c hooks for single extension spring w hooks for double extension springs.

remember to always re-attach safety clips so the springs cannot fall off of the hooks.

adjustomatic kicker bolt can be slid up-wards for fine tuning door balance e.g., if door is slightly heavy on the bottom.

 major balancing can be done by adjusting the shoulder bolt.. the rule is if the garage door is falling down move the bolt down, if its going up move the bolt up. ( the assembly should remain in place the bolt is the only thing that moves up or down)

If the garage door is not completely closing, loosen cantilever arms, push door into place and re tighten arms.

garage door extension springs


Q: when I changed  my garage door extension springs should I change the position of the anchor chain... is not completely closing, loosen cantilever arms, push door into place and re tighten arms

A: The position of the anchor chain is based on the amount you have to stretch the extension springs in order to insert the hook assembly. 1.5-2 inches should be enough. This will keep tension on the garage door in the up position.

Q: Why is my one piece door tilted down in the front when it is fully open.

A. Great question; a one piece door is tilted in front in order to allow the rain to roll off of it, wood gets very heavy when it absorbs water it is therefore important to reduce the amount of water that your garage door is absorbing. Also, remember the tension on a garage door extension spring will not remain constant if the door gets to heavy. This can put a lot of strain on your motor.

Q: How long should an extension spring typically last.

A: An extension springs should typically last about 7 years

Q: Is it safe to work on extension springs.

A: If you take all of the proper precautions your garage door extension springs are safe. As a matter of fact the springs have a safety wire inside to prevent a piece of broken spring from flying off and hurting some one. Always have your helper standing by holding the door in addition to the prop you have set up... better safe than sorry.







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