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Garage Door Will Not Open

Garage Door Will Not Close


 There are a few technical problems associated with a garage door that won Open. As always your garage door system should be regularly serviced and a safety check done. How ever you can still have problems when your Garage Door Will Not Open.

Garage Door Will Not Open because of Broken Spring

If one of your garage door torsion springs is broken  you will immediately know because the garage door usually will not open Some times they will open but remember not to open your garage door if you have a broken spring it will destroy the motor go to the section on garage door springs for spring change

Garage Door Will Not Open Because of an Obstruction

An object that is in the way of the travel of the door obstructs the door and could be devastating to the entire garage door system. Do your self and your garage door a favor by keeping items far away from your moving garage door.

Garage Door Will Not Open Because it's Off Track

A garage door that is slightly off track or with when a cable slips off the drum many times it will stop your door from closing a garage door reset is in order to free up the travel of your door and get you on your way.

Garage Door Will Not Open Because the Gear & Sprocket Has been Destroyed

If your garage door is heavy to begin with and it has not been tuned up in a while or maintained there is a good chance your gear and sprocket is destroyed indicated by the sound of the motor running yet no moving door. For more information on how to solve this problem go to our section on changing out gear and sprockets

Garage Door Will Not Open Because it is cracked

 When your garage door is cracked or folded many times the fold will not allow the door to work its way around the radius and as a result will not Open. Warning: Operating a door that has a crack in it is a really bad idea... and also not safe... it is always better to operate a door by hand because you can feel any resistance and stop pushing the door down. Many times the force sensitivity is set so hi on your garage door motor it could cause the door to crumble before your eyes...





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