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Garage Door Keypad Not Working

when your garage door keypad is not working it is very similar to when your garage door remote stops working in that both devices communicate with the motor head or operator the same way.

 Liftmaster Keypad Not Working  genie keypad not working

1.) First and formost try changing the 9 volt battery when your keypad is not working. Just gently pry the battery cover open with a flathead screwdriver or a coin...

There are so many different keypad styles that are old now... yet there are to primary styles of keypad, liftmaster and genie and for the most part here are your instructions for programming your keypad.

Note: Many times your keypad will not be working as a result of a lock switch on your garage door wall button, by pressing this button you can lock out the remotes or keypads. If this option is engaged many times you will get blinking lights on the motor head unit.

Liftmaster Keypad General Programming:

  1. On the back of the operator or motor head PRESS the program button it should be square and have an led next to it.
  2. Enter your four digit secret code and hit the ENTER button on the keypad. You should hear a clicking sound from a relay in the motor head this lets you know the program was accepted.
  3. Click the ENTER button one more time on the keypad and your 4 digit pin is now working.

Genie Keypad General Programming:

  1. On the back or some times on the front under the light cover of your genie motor you will find the program button. Press the button
  2. On the keypad enter the 4 digit code and press the Up/Down button "the button that activates the door". 3 Times you should see some blinking action indicating that your keypad is communicating with the garage door operator unit.
  3. Genie can be tempramental if this did not work once and your garage door keypad not working unplug the unit and repeat steps 1.) and 2.) On some newer models like the accelerator this holds especially true

Special Note: On newer models of genie motor heads like especially the accellorator you must actually un-plug and re-plug-in the unit. After recycling the power you should be back up and running with a working keypad. 

garage door keypad not working

Old style keypads did not even utilize wireless technology and relied upon four wires that went from the keypad all the way back to the reciever board in the motor. When we see these systems we like to install newer motor units because before 1996 they didn't have the safety systems that we have today. Bye the time we approach one of these old style keypads the motor unit is most likely 20 years old anyway.